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If you have ever been the victim of a stolen vehicle
you know how aggravating it is. The cost to replace
the vehicle and any personal possessions can be significant. Your susceptibility to auto theft might
be higher than you think, according to the FBI:

• A motor vehicle is stolen in the United States
every 28.8 seconds.*

• The odds of a vehicle being stolen are 1 in 210.*

• The current motor vehicle theft rate is 315 per
100,000 people.*

SkyLINK protects your vehicle by being able to
locate it in real time in case of theft. SkyLINK is
also cost effective. Not only can it save you
thousands of dollars by locating your stolen vehicle,
it can also help save on insurance premiums.
With our money back guarantee, you can’t lose.

SkyLINK can locate your vehicle nation wide and
assist law enforcement in your vehicle’s retrieval.
There are no subscription fees and SkyLINK’s
location service is good as long as you own your
Now you can safeguard your vehicle with SkyLINK!
*According to the FBI Uniform Crime Reports 2006 - 2008
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